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Danam Antik Porcelain Online is proud to present our Unique, Rare and Specialty Items website – DPO Gallery. Here you will find various items by Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl, Rorstrand, Porsgrund, KPM Berlin, Sevres and various Danish Ceramics. To locate collectibles and dinnerware by these manufacturers, please visit www.danamantik.dk.

 Items listed on these pages are from several different time periods. We have Royal Copenhagen from the late 1700’s, typographical Empire pieces from 1820-1850, Art Nouveau items from 1885-1930 and modern stoneware from 1920-1970. We maintain a large selection of unique pieces by artists such as Arnold Krog, Liisberg, Hallin, Marianne Host, Jenny Meyer, Stephan Ussing, Gotfred Rode, Effie Hegermann-Lindencrone, Fanny Garde, Marie Smith, JoAnn Locker, Amalie Schou, and Arthur Boesen. New artists will be added to the list as our inventory grows.



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